Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Fashion Trend Alert Harem Pants

Fashion Trend Alert Harem Pants. The past when it comes to fashion always repeats itself. Harem pants are back and they’re back with much style and grace. I have to admit when I first saw them in Forever 21 the first thing that came to my mind was some sort of ensemble from the movie “The Color Purple” I thought, I’d never be caught in a pair of these. However as time has gone by I’ve realized that they’re Haute! I will definitely be picking up quite a few pair.
Harem pants are the perfect casual but chic ensemble this year. They look great best with gladiator heels and a nice simple blouse; make sure it’s nothing too over the top such as prints or ruffles. Keep it basic and you will have no worries.

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Eric said...

Maybe I'm just not very fashionable, but I don't think harem women's pants are nice looking at all. They're not flattering, and they look a little silly. Hopefully this trend won't last long.


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