Friday, June 26, 2009

H&M Fall 2009 Collection

H&M Fall 2009 Collection. The hottest looks and styles to wear from H&M this Fall. Wondering what H&M will have for us come fall? Its all about leather pieces, shoulder pads, nudes, lace and sweaters. I love the look of this collection you can see a preview of what to expect from the men and the women's collection below, and the hottest color of the season? Looks like its black....

Monday, June 22, 2009

How To Wear and Style Jumpsuits

How To Wear and Style Jumpsuits. Jumpsuits are a classic look that has made quite a strong comeback. From styles ranging from shorts, pants, and capris there are many different ways to wear this trend.

When it comes to jumpsuits there are 2 main fits to the look, tight, and loose. The 2 category descriptions basically fit the name. Tight jumpsuits are worn tightly around the body, loose is worn slightly hanging off the body in a casual way. There are also many different jumpsuit materials that can be worn as well and to be honest choice is all about preference.

You can dress up your jumpsuit with accessories such as belts, bangles, and necklaces for added flare and they can be worn with heels or sandals depending on your style. When it comes to finding the right jumpsuit just be sure to choose a look that you feel comfortable wearing. Look below to see different styles to try.

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Sneak Peak The Beautiful Life With Mischa Barton and Melrose Place

Sneak Peak The Beautiful Life With Mischa Barton and Melrose Place. This fall we can all expect to see many different new shows on the CW from Vampire Diaries to Melrose Place and Valley Girls and now The Beautiful Life With Mischa Barton.

The show The Beautiful Life follows models living in new york and its produced by Ashton Kutcher. Along with Mischa I believe we'll also be seeing Corbin Bleu as well as Elle Macpherson. You can see a clip from the show below.

For all my readers who are waiting for Melrose Place here's a sneak peak of that as well

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekly Style News Reading

Weekly Style News Reading . The hottest links to beauty and fashionable reads on the web. Find out what the style news blogs are up to below.

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Celebrity Hairstyle of the Month Agyness Deyn

Celebrity Hairstyle of the Month Agyness Deyn. Agyness Deyn hairstyles are always edgy and high fashionable styles. Her sharp razor edges haircuts are one to notice. She can be seen wearing a simple hat and makes it a trend, even her hat hair looks great. She rocks the platnuim blonde look with class and she makes short hair a style every girl wants to try. Look below to see Agyness's best styles.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

How To Wear One Shoulder Trend Tops and Dresses

How To Wear One Shoulder Trend Tops and Dresses. The one shoulder trend is by far the most popular look of the season and since its so popular everyone should know how to wear it the proper way. The look is everywhere and celebrities and designers love the style and its a look that looks good on all body type. There are also many different styles to the one shoulder look and its all about choosing the one that looks the best for your body type.

When shopping for this trend stick with tops if you have a larger middle, and if your arms are a bit large try to choose a style that comes with one sleeve (shown below). Wear styles with ruffles to draw the attention upwards and dresses are a great way to show off your body and accentuate your curves while plain one shoulder tops are great for a summer's day. There are also many different flowly tops that show the one shoulder style and these look great on all body type. Look below to see some of the different styles.

Sunday, June 7, 2009

Fashion Trend Alert Floral Prints and Accessories

Fashion Trend Alert Floral Prints and Accessories. Lately I've been seeing floral prints everywhere from tops and dresses to even earrings and bangles. The floral look is everywhere. I adore this trend since it's such a fun way to make other items in your wardrobe pop plus you can wear multiple hues at once. See the trend in action in the pics after the jump. Another style on the rise for all my fashion watchers is the leaf print which you can see in styles of earrings and necklaces.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amy Winehouse Clothing Line Collection with PPQ

Amy Winehouse Clothing Line Collection with PPQ. When it comes to fashion lines and clothing line Amy Winehouse is one of the newest celebrities to give us a collection. Peaches Geldof will share some of her PPQ designer spotlight with Amy and they have announced a line which will be inspired by Amy Winehoues's style. They even stated that Amy Wino’s designing skills will only limit to her being “involved in the creative process”. I'll admit that Amy's style is a little out there and I haven't seen any clothing from her that I would personally rock but It will be interesting to see what the line looks like.

‘The range will be all about high-end statement pieces, inspired by Amy’s style. For example maybe an amazing piece of jewellery like a bracelet or a dress. It’s going to be distributed online, we are going to be providing all materials and doing the design, but Amy will definitely be involved in the creative process. It will be very different to Peaches’ line for PPQ as that was more of a diffusion line - this will be a homage to Amy’s look.’ Amy Molyneaux


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