Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Amy Winehouse Clothing Line Collection with PPQ

Amy Winehouse Clothing Line Collection with PPQ. When it comes to fashion lines and clothing line Amy Winehouse is one of the newest celebrities to give us a collection. Peaches Geldof will share some of her PPQ designer spotlight with Amy and they have announced a line which will be inspired by Amy Winehoues's style. They even stated that Amy Wino’s designing skills will only limit to her being “involved in the creative process”. I'll admit that Amy's style is a little out there and I haven't seen any clothing from her that I would personally rock but It will be interesting to see what the line looks like.

‘The range will be all about high-end statement pieces, inspired by Amy’s style. For example maybe an amazing piece of jewellery like a bracelet or a dress. It’s going to be distributed online, we are going to be providing all materials and doing the design, but Amy will definitely be involved in the creative process. It will be very different to Peaches’ line for PPQ as that was more of a diffusion line - this will be a homage to Amy’s look.’ Amy Molyneaux

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