Sunday, August 16, 2009

Fall Trend Alert Sequins and Metallic Shines

Fall Trend Alert Sequins and Metallic Shines. One of the hottest looks for fall 09 is sequins and metallic shines. The shiny look is back in a big way. From sequin jackets and dresses to metallic leggings and handbags it's a hot look to try.

The best way to wear this trend comes in the form of outfits or accessories. Choose to wear the shiny look in the form of belts, handbags, or shoes to dress or add spark to your wardrobe. Or wear metallic shines in the form of leggings, dresses, or jackets. Pair these items with solids or classics such as skinny jeans or a white tee for a easy nighttime look. Look below to see how you can wear this hot trend for fall.

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