Monday, June 7, 2010

How To Wear The Lingerie As Outerwear Trend

How To Wear The Lingerie As Outerwear Trend. Ever wonder if you could walk outside wearing that sexy bra and have other's see it. Well now you can... in good taste of course. One of the biggest European trends that is now making it's way to the states is the showing lingerie and wearing it as outerwear trend. Pretty hot right? This trend can be pretty alluring but it can also be pretty skanky if not done in the right way. There's a fine borderline between the two so make sure you use these tips if you're going to try this trend...

First things first make sure the lingerie you plan on peeking through your clothing isn't see through. (This isn't that type of trend). Also be sure your bra is well padded or supported and that it's well fitted. Choose bras that stay in place when you're making movements. You can do this trend in little or big ways. Little ways such as wearing a see thru top and placing a colored bra or a satin one underneath so that other's can see it. Or by wearing sultry items such as lingerie rompers or corsets. Many also favor wearing stay-ups and suspenders as the ultimate lingerie as outerwear feel. Be sure to wear those with thigh high boots for a more fashionable take. Look below for more ways on how you can wear this trend.

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