Tuesday, November 16, 2010

2010 - 2011 Winter Hat Trends

2010 - 2011 Winter Hat Trends. Styles in hat trends to keep us warm and fashionable this winter season. This winter we'll be seeing the return of old classics but there are quite a few new trends on the rise. One rather unique trends is the look of animals, hats in the form of animals and animal shapes are really taking notice. Many this winter instead of wearing the traditional form of hats you can purchase hoods, earmuffs, or knitted headbands perfect for keeping your ears warm. Fur is a big trend this season and we'll be seeing pieces covered in fur trends or styles made completely out of fur that represent luxury while keeping us warm .

Hats featuring pom poms are a look that many adored a few years ago and it's once again in style. Beanies and beret can be found in many different colors perfect for mixing with your winter coat, and lastly this winter we'll be seeing an old school look of cloche style hats. These hats feature beautiful embellishments that represent the old world of glamor. Look below to see some of the popular different styles.

images from asos

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